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Clearing the Way: Interior Demolition Services for Houston, Texas

Commercial and residential demolition specialist here to help you with your construction project.

We do all the hard stuff

A service you can count on

Affordable demolition

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Let Us do The Dirty Work

When it's time for a fresh start, let us help you clear the way. Our interior demolition services in Rosharon, Texas provide a safe and efficient way to remove unwanted structures, walls, and fixtures, making room for your next project.


From commercial spaces to residential homes, we have the experience and expertise to handle any interior demolition job. Our team of skilled professionals will work with you to create a customized plan that meets your specific needs and timelines.

We are your answer for small scale interior demolition, full guts, and anything in between.

Let us help you clear the way for your next vision, contact us today for a consultation.

The Benefits of Working With a Demolition  Specialist

Super Efficient 

We focus on what we are good at and that is demolition. We are not carpenters or contractors. We stay on target and in our lane. 

Cost Effective

Because we are not contractors, we do not carry their overhead nor do we need to up charge for labor and materials. Savings that go directly to you.

Keeping You Clean

We can work directly with you or your GC. Just point and we will get it gone leaving a fresh clean space ready to be rebuilt


We have been knocking down walls since 2015. With demolition projects done in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Houston, we have built some great relationships along the way.

Business Owner

My experience with Knockdown King's was great, they understood my needs and walked me through the process and they were very very knowledgeable and professional. The team is great and this is the type of business we need in our area with their great quality of work.

Jermaine P.

Home Owner

"I had the pleasure of seeing Josh and his team demo large projects as well as small ones. I have to say he is always professional, focused on safety, and cleanliness"

Lawrence W.

General Contractor

Good natured, hard-working and honest. I highly recommend Knockdown Kings to get the job done and to do it well

Sean  D.


Our Services

At our interior demolition company, we understand the importance of a clean slate when it comes to renovating or redesigning a space. That's why we offer comprehensive demolition services to clients in the Rosharon, Texas and the towns, cities, and communities of Houston.


Whether you're looking to gut an entire building or simply remove a few walls, our experienced team can help you achieve your goals. We use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that your demolition project is completed safely, efficiently, and with minimal disruption to your daily operations.


Our services are customizable to meet your specific needs, and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction.


When you choose our interior demolition services, you can rest assured that you're getting the best in the business.


Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your vision.

  • Full interior gutting and demolition

  • Removal of walls and partitions

  • Demolition of ceiling systems

  • Removal of flooring and floor coverings

  • Demolition of built-in cabinets and fixtures

  • Removal of insulation and soundproofing materials

  • Demolition of interior stairs and railings

  • Removal of HVAC systems and ductwork

  • Demolition of electrical wiring and fixtures

  • Removal of plumbing systems and fixtures

  • Demolition of fire protection systems

  • Demolition of interior concrete structures

  • Removal of interior masonry walls

  • Demolition of interior glass walls and partitions

  • Removal of raised floors or access flooring

  • Demolition of interior mezzanine levels

  • Removal of interior building signage and branding elements.

Towns and Cities We Serve

We take pride in providing our interior demolition services to the communities in and around Arcola, Texas, including the towns and cities within a 25-mile radius. Our team of experienced professionals is equipped to handle any demolition project, big or small, in these areas.


We understand the unique needs and requirements of each community, and we are committed to providing top-quality service and craftsmanship that exceeds our clients' expectations.


Whether you're in Fresno, Sienna Plantation, Missouri City, Rosharon, Manvel, Pearland, Iowa Colony, Thompsons, Stafford, or Sugar Land, we're here to help you achieve your demolition goals. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you bring your vision to life.

If you are in need of our services and are not in these area's, call us at 281-378-5751 and we will do our best to assist you.

Interior Demolition company serving Houston Texas
  1. South Houston

  2. Fresno, TX

  3. Sienna Plantation, TX

  4. Missouri City, TX

  5. Rosharon, TX

  6. Manvel, TX

  7. Pearland, TX

  8. Iowa Colony, TX

  9. Thompsons, TX

  10. Stafford, TX

  11. Sugar Land, TX

Areas of service

Service areas listed are our general areas of service. If you have any questions about your service area, please feel free to use our chat box for answers.

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Do You Have Questions?

  • How much do you charge?
    Though every job is unique and pricing can vary, our basic pricing structure is $47.50 per hour for our demolition specialist and $21.67 per hour for additional labor, plus disposal and materials cost.
  • How do does your payment structure work?
    We require 20 percent deposit on all jobs. Depending on the length of the project, our typical payment structure is 20 percent upfront, 30 percent halfway through the project, and the remaining 50 percent the day of completion.
  • Are you equipped to handle both partial demolition and complete demolition?
    Knockdown Kings at this point is equipped to do any type of interior demolition. We do not do complete demolition with heavy machinery. We are able to do full guts, bathrooms, bedrooms, commercial spaces, and more.
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